Our Cats

We started our journey accompanied by three cats who reluctantly became intrepid travelers. They drove from Colorado to Vermont, Vermont to Guadalajara, Mexico, and then back to Vermont again, in 2019.

The cats didn’t like the car. Ellie would cry and Noxy would vomit. However, they found the places they have lived to be very interesting. They loved to explore, once they arrived.


Ellie in a suitcase

In August of 2019, Ellie Smoit went off to live with our youngest child, Gavin, at the University of Champlain. She is an emotional support cat who often needs emotional support from Gavin! Gavin’s roommate Alex also loves the cat. Follow elliesmoit on Instagram!


We lost our dear cat Equinox, a.k.a. Noxy, on Feb. 8, 2020, in Mexico City. It turned out that he had an undiscovered heart disease, known as the silent killer. He is dearly missed, especially by his buddy Kaylee. Get to know him a little in our memorial video:


Kaylee on a suitcase

Kaylee is now the lone, spoiled cat in our household. She doesn’t like being cooped up in her carrier for hours at a time, but once she is strapped into the car, she sits serenely like a little Buddha and watches the world pass by. In Mexico City, she enjoyed watching a dog who just moved into the apartment across the way. In Vermont, where we retreated due to COVID-19, she has enjoyed playing with chipmunks out on the deck.

Foster Cats

To keep Kaylee company, we have been fostering cats in Vermont. The first was Stella, who stayed with us three weeks before she was adopted. She explored the house, and Kaylee couldn’t stand her. Next was a mother-daughter pair of shy cats, Minnie and Daisy. Kaylee can’t stand them, either.

We promise to keep the cats’ adventures coming as we travel!

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