About Us

Bob Greenawalt and Lisa Hamm-Greenawalt are reinventing retirement. We left work in Colorado in 2018, packed up our Tacoma Tacoma truck with two bikes, a few suitcases, three musical instruments and three cats, and hit the road to explore this planet.  First, we spent five weeks traveling around Europe, then a couple of months in the northeast  USA saying goodbye to family and friends, Finally, in January 2019, we headed south. (We had Gavin, our high school graduate on a gap year, for the first 9 months.) First stop in this hemisphere … México!

Meet Bob & Lisa

Our plan: Live well with fewer things and less money.  Drive less and walk more. Open our minds and our hearts. Collect experiences instead of stuff. We will live for about three months at a time in different communities all over Mexico — mountains, magical villages, beach towns, and urban centers. We’ll avoid high-crime areas for personal safety. We’ll also try to avoid US ex-pat havens as we work to become fluent in Spanish so that can really get to know the Mexican culture and its people.

We know we will be derailed from our travels now and then by family obligations, but even then, we will live life as an adventure, wherever we are.

Why? Because life is short, and the world is big. Join us on the adventure!

(We originally called this blog Life is Short the World is Big, but changed the name in spring 2019 to Messy Suitcase.)