Missing the US, Missing Mexico, Part 2

Things We Won’t Miss About Mexico  

Despite our obviously huge affection for Mexico, there are some things we won’t miss, including:

·       All the beggars and people missing limbs
·      Having to carry small change to use public toilets ·       No seats on the public toilets
·       No (sometimes) paper in public toilets
·       Having to carry toilet paper everywhere, just in case
·       Poor WiFi
·       Random power outages
·       Having people come up to us in public spaces or restaurants trying to sell us stuff
·       Being stalked by salesmen or women in stores or galleries
·       Occasionally paying the price for bad street food with four or five days of stomach discomfort
·       Creepy crawlies, especially:
o   The large frequency of spider sightings
o   Massive bugs, some on the ground, some on the ceiling, some flying
o   Cockroaches
o   Scorpions
·      Aggressive street dogs on our running route in Guanajuato
·       Dodging dog poop on the ground while walking in any town
·       The occasional stench of sewage while driving through Guanajuato
·       Car-eating topes (speed bumps), often unmarked
·        How hard it is to ride our bikes
Riding on the Via RecreActiva Sunday mornings in Guadalajara,
when closed roadways created our only opportunity
to get out on two wheels
I think that’s it! As we come up with more, we may update this blog. Thanks for reading!
Lisa, Beto and Gavin

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